How to Determine Which Size is Perfect for You

Most of the clothes at Dave's Freshly Used are original, vintage pieces from the 90's, 80's and even earlier!  Over time, styles and sizing of clothes have changed, so the tagged size may not fit true to modern sizing.  "So how do I know if something will fit me?"  We're glad you asked.

The first way is by the size in the item title.  In the title of each listing you'll see a "fits like" size as a rough estimate, but everyone has their own preferred fit, so we don't recommend solely going off this.  The second and best way is by referring to the measurements.  Each item is measured by hand and given in the item description.  Below you'll find a size chart to reference as a guideline to modern sizing.  
This chart is for men's shirts (jackets usually run wider)
 Size Chest Length
XS 16" 22"-24"
Small 17"-19" 24"-26"
Medium 19"-21" 25"-27"
Large 21"-23" 27"-29"
XL 23"-24" 28"-30"
2XL 25"-27" 31"-33"
3XL 28"+ 33"+


"How do I take measurements?"  It's really simple!  First, find your favorite fitting shirt or jacket.  For the chest measurement, start at one armpit seam and measure straight across to the other.  For the length, find the seam where the shoulder meets the collar and measure straight down to the bottom of the shirt.  Below you'll find pictures for reference.