About Us

The first question we get; who's Dave?  Dave is our founder, Joshua Rittenour.  He acquired the nickname in high school and has since used it as a business alias. 
Dave attended the University of Florida and graduated in 2017 with an Economics degree.  He was operating Dave's while in school and continued it into his full time career.  Dave has over a decades worth of buying and selling experience, formally incorporating his business in 2018.
If you're looking for vintage Florida Gators gear, you've come to the right place.  As an alumnus of the University of Florida, this is Dave's passion.  He has been hunting and curating Gators gear from before he was a student until now.  With a collection dating back to the 1910's, and an emphasis on the 80's and 90's, there's bound to be something for everyone. 
These are all original vintage pieces that show their quality and individuality, something you won't find in a retail store.  Far from todays mass produced, cheap imported products, many of the items you'll find here are produced in the United States and through techniques that create the only one of its kind.
All of the products you'll find here have been hand picked and sourced by Dave, coming from all different parts of the world.  Every item is cleaned and properly prepared for its second life.  So take a look, and see what freshly used treasure you'll find!